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"I started Jolly Babies with my first child when Beth started in Overton and we enjoyed it from the start. She is such a warm and welcoming person and has a lovely gentle way with the babies and toddlers. We graduated to Music with Mummy (we did that in Whitchurch) and when my second child was born he also came along from about 3 weeks old. He did get the chance to experience Jolly Babies and Music with Mummy himself and they both loved it. I can't really describe the pleasure we got from the classes; Beth's personality encouraged the rest of us to bond and we made several good friends by attending the classes. If you have small children I would recommend you give the classes a try !" A, K & R (Music Classes)

“Baby massage offers a great opportunity to learn something new to do with your baby whilst also providing a space to share concerns and gain hints for new mums, accompanied by tea and cake! The classes are well structured, easy to follow and relaxed." Katy and Tom (8 weeks) (Baby Massage)

“I thoroughly loved your laid-back approach to the class, warm and friendly but I was also impressed with your professionalism and knowledge. I enjoyed the intimate class size and felt I got a tailored session with you when I couldn't attend the first few classes. Overall I found it a lovely class, relaxed environment and very informative. I would definitely recommend you to any friends having babies. It was lovely to meet you, thank you very much!" Kirsten and Lawrence (8 weeks) (Baby Massage)

“My son and I really enjoyed Beth’s massage classes. They were a fantastic opportunity to get to know your baby and enjoy some special moments learning how he liked to be massaged – especially his legs! Chatting to the other Mum’s was a bonus, especially as a first time mum with lots of questions. The cakes and tea were also a welcomed treat for the Mum’s. A fantastic course which I highly recommend. Thanks Beth!" Jo and Arlo (8 weeks) (Baby Massage)

“I attended both Beth's baby massage and Jolly Babies classes with my daughter. Beth always adopts a friendly and enthusiastic outlook to her sessions, she is approachable, knowledgeable and understanding. Sessions are varied, fun, developmental and always build upon what was covered in previous weeks. I would highly recommend joining her sessions as they are a great way to bond with your child, have fun and meet other mums, all in a great welcoming environment." Kayley and Katie (Music Classes and Baby Massage)

“I am on my third time of joining 'Jolly Babies' and 'Music with Mummy' classes. Not only have my babies enjoyed the classes but I have too - seeing thier faces light up when the music starts is priceless! Beth is a lovely, friendly teacher, who attracts their attention straight away. I've also found my babies experiencing their firsts (eg sitting up and crawling) in classes. I really recommend these groups - a lovely way to have some special time with your baby and make new friends too!” Charmaine, Oliver, Maisie and Drew (Music Classes)

“Beth is a fantastic teacher for young children. She is able to create a calming atmosphere that relaxes both children and their parents. Whatever my son did (run, shout, sing or cry) we were made to feel comfortable and welcome. Harrison developed a love and appreciation for music and confidently joins in with songs and actions in new situations.” Cherry and Harrison (Music Classes)

“Baby Massage was the first Mummy/Baby class that I attended with my new baby. It was the perfect place to start. There was a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere in the class, Beth was so welcoming. Baby massage is a lovely thing to do as you learn a new useful skill whilst also interacting in a new hands-on way with your baby which can help you feel more confident handling them. I had heard mixed reviews from friends who had done other baby massage courses but I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone.” Louise and Oliver (7 weeks) (Baby Massage)

“Being a first-time mum I was initially a little scared how to handle Jack but the baby massage course has given me so much more confidence with my baby. The course has shown me how beneficial touch and one-to-one time is for both of us.” Sara and Jack (Baby Massage)

“My two-year-old girl really enjoys Beth's Music with Mummy classes. She benefits from the social interaction with the other children, quality time with mummy and having a good old sing along and boogie! Beth has a brilliant friendly and relaxed approach which helps both the toddlers and parents to feel at ease whatever their singing efforts! It has been lovely to watch my daughter learn from the class and gain confidence with the other children.” Charlotte and Zara (Music Classes)

“I really enjoyed the relaxed, sociable atmosphere and gentle instruction when learning the massage. I loved the fact that the group was kept small and intimate and also gave me a chance to be with other mums.” Jo and Benjamin (Baby Massage)

“Beth is always enthusiastic and encouraging with all the children, whatever their ages and capabilities.” Alice and Sebastian (Music Classes)

“The course is wonderful and I will definitely recommend it to others. The classes are in a lovely environment and I was made to feel very comfortable - the massage was simple and easy to follow.” Louise and Isla (Baby Massage)

"Both my daughters went to ‘Jolly Babies’ and ‘Music with Mummy’ and loved it. As well as giving them an appreciation of music and an outlet to express themselves it also gave them a chance to mix with other children, teaching them social skills and giving them confidence and independence. Beth is a great teacher, good at getting the children's attention and very patient. I would recommend these classes to everyone." Catherine, Freya and Ellie (Music Classes)

"I started the baby massage classes with Rosie when she was just six weeks old and we have both absolutely loved them. Beth is a fantastic instructor, giving all the necessary techniques and tips to make baby massage beneficial and enjoyable. Beth also encouraged a relaxing social element to the classes, meeting other mums and sharing the trials and tribulations of babies!" Rachael and Rosie (6 weeks) (Baby Massage)
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