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about our baby massage classes

Class details

Five weekly sessions of 1 hour each held at St Mary Bourne and Andover.

St Mary Bourne - Mondays

To be arranged

Andover, Picket Twenty - Wednesdays

To be arranged

See Contact page for venue details

Private classes

For small groups of friends, at home or at a venue of your choice. Contact us to find a time and day that suits you.

The course fee includes a file with stroke review, course notes and articles, organic massage oil, all refreshments and a Course Certificate.
The first few months after the birth of a baby can be both joyful and challenging. Baby massage classes can help support parents through this time of change by allowing them the time and space to nurture themselves as well as their babies.

For the baby, a massage is far more than a luxurious experience or physical therapy. It is a tool for maintaining health and well being on many different levels, as well as providing parent and baby with time to bond, relax and communicate with one another.

what are the benefits for babies?
  • Develops their first language, which is mainly touch
  • Enhances their feeling of being loved, respected and secure
  • Helps to strengthen and regulate their digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems
  • Relieves symptoms of colic, gas and constipation
  • Calms nervous system which leads to a more restful sleep
  • Teaches babies how to be aware of their body�s tension and how to release it.
what are the benefits for parents?
  • Develops confidence when handling their baby
  • Enhances parent/baby communication
  • Provides �permission� to relax with their baby
  • Increases awareness of baby�s growth and development
  • Can assist with post-natal depression.
Clinical evidence shows that loving, touching, nurturing contact between parent and baby has a positive impact on subsequent development. Baby Massage Classes are designed to show parents how to massage their baby safely and with confidence. The course has been designed by Hands on Babies.

what does a course involve?

A Baby Massage Course lasts for five weekly sessions and each class lasts an hour and takes the format of practical massage including time for discussion and refreshments.

Our classes are baby led, so don�t worry about the class coinciding with sleep or feed times. Spare dolls are available to practice on if your baby is sleeping so you don�t have to miss out.

To reserve your place or for a course schedule please or call her on 07826 306948.
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